Intention of this Blog

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Have you ever seen a healthy, fruit-laden tree that has weak and under-developed root system?

Do you know every aspect of the tree above the ground is determined by what is happening underground? The right stuff, hidden in the dirt, deep in the earth is what brings beautiful flowers and sweet fruits above ground. The stronger, deeply penetrated, spread out the roots, the healthier the tree.

In the same way, the Entrepreneur’s emotional health, wellbeing, and strength have a direct connection with the sustainable growth and success of their ventures.

Taking an idea, creating a business that provides the goods and (or) services to fulfill a need, provide employment for people, pay taxes, and build equity over time is a difficult task.  It requires firm conviction, persistence, resilience, and grit which are provided by the founders and leaders of the business.

Just like a root system has to continue to grow, expand, nourish, and repair itself to keep the tree growing and productive, the leaders of a business have to continue to improve their emotional strength and wellbeing.

In this blog, I will talk about different areas of personal growth that are important and often crucial for a successful Entrepreneur.  We will talk about how to grow your business by growing yourself.